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Poker is a very popular board game. With the advent of the Internet the number of players of this game worldwide has grown explosively. In order to give a good picture of the poker game we will first briefly discuss the history of this game. Then we will talk more about how poker was played before the Internet became popular. Then we will discuss playing poker online and tell you why this game offers you a long lasting entertainment. Read on to learn all about online poker! The poker game is very old. The first indication of a poker game looks back to the 15th century. The Germans had a card game which already have betting rounds, hand strengths and the ability to bluff.

Although not the same level as Texas Hold'em poker , Omaha variant is a game of poker that is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Omaha is a poker-based specialty "Community Cards" (just like Texas Hold'em), and then there is also played using community cards with other players, cards that are equal to a number of 5.

The personal papers that each participant receives a hand of Omaha Hi, are equal to 4 (and not 2 as in Texas Hold'em). Also in this game, each player aims to have the better hand than that of his opponents, and to that end, anyone can compose its combination through the use of 5 cards, which must by law be 2 of the 4 cards Personal (also known as "hole cards"), and 3 of the 5 "Community Cards" available on board.

In an online poker table, the two parties that dominate the front left corner of the virtual dealer (shown with a dealer button which is given a "D") can be called the Small Blind and Big Blind. The two put a figure on the plate, respectively called dark and blind. The amount of the Big Blind in this first phase corresponds to a real show (Pre Flop), on which poker players can also raise.

We proceed to the distribution of 4 private cards to each player: these cards, which are distributed starting with those who put in the small blind, is also called "Hole Cards". The card room provide users with a variable number of virtual chips, which can be recharged at any time, and with whom you can sit at any table. The mode of play poker free mirror those that can be found in the section on real money multi-table tournaments, sit and go, and even cash game tables, the real news in recent months.

If that player decides to call it, will have to put in the pot the amount of the low limit bet, and if you decide to raise, will have to put in the pot at least twice the low limit bet. They then discovered on board 3 "Community Cards" (this is called Flop), at this point, the first active player to the left of the dealer, will be the first to decide to fold, call, or perform a raise.