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Poker is a very popular board game. With the advent of the Internet the number of players of this game worldwide has grown explosively. In order to give a good picture of the poker game we will first briefly discuss the history of this game. Then we will talk more about how poker was played before the Internet became popular. Then we will discuss playing poker online and tell you why this game offers you a long lasting entertainment. Read on to learn all about online poker! The poker game is very old. The first indication of a poker game looks back to the 15th century. The Germans had a card game which already have betting rounds, hand strengths and the ability to bluff.

To date, among the most popular poker variations and practiced in the world, there is no doubt that of Texas Hold'em. This is the specialty which many players or enthusiasts approach in land casinos and even in online poker rooms, virtual places that allow you to play and enjoy the comfort of home, without having to move. It is therefore difficult for a lover of this game, do not try at least once a feeling of "sitting" at a poker table Texas Hold'em online.

Usually you will find the online poker tables "individual", available for a number of 2,6,9, or 10 players, and even online poker tournaments "multi-table", which have a much larger number of inscriptions and often start at fixed times. In both cases, each player will be seated at the virtual table game, you only receive two cards face down. Play top casino games online and win big casino jackpots. Start now!

Let us examine in detail the various phases of a hand of Texas Hold'em poker, so you have clear the whole hand. In online poker, a virtual dealer deals the cards. Once a player is symbolically the dealer: This does not mean that it will distribute the cards, but only that it will be marked with a button (in which the letter "D"), and that the 2 players to his left must put the blinds in the pot (or "blind").

The player immediately to the left of the dealer pays the small blind ("small blind"), while the next player pays the big blind ("big blind"). This occurs before any cards are dealt, and aims to ensure a dish to win in poker hand.

At this point, every player, from one to the left of the dealer receives 2 pocket cards (only visible to the player himself). It then makes a first round of betting where each player can assess and decide to leave the game, see the stakes, or raise. This first phase of a hand of Texas Hold'em online, is called "Pre-Flop". The players, with the exception of those who made the last bet and be the first to show the cards, may choose not to see the hole cards, and give to the winning hand shown by the opponent. When there are equivalent points, is taken as a reference card with the highest value, excluding those that make the point (also called card "kicker").