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Poker is a very popular board game. With the advent of the Internet the number of players of this game worldwide has grown explosively. In order to give a good picture of the poker game we will first briefly discuss the history of this game. Then we will talk more about how poker was played before the Internet became popular. Then we will discuss playing poker online and tell you why this game offers you a long lasting entertainment. Read on to learn all about online poker! The poker game is very old. The first indication of a poker game looks back to the 15th century. The Germans had a card game which already have betting rounds, hand strengths and the ability to bluff.

To give a welcome and retain players, online casinos are often a large amount of bonds in its bid. But what finally how these bonds and what kind of bonds are there more information below. The best known bond is the bond of the first bet. This is usually the biggest bonus you can get a welcome.

To get this bonus you must deposit a minimum of 25 euros. Little advice here in this bond is to start with a deposit of a large amount, and so you can fully enjoy the bonuses! Casino is giving for example a 115% bonus on your bet, then if you deposit $ 100 you get a total of 215 euros to play!

To prevent abuse of such players who open multiple accounts and are paid directly later, they have a convention free to play. First you must play your bonus several times before you pay these with your bet, this is for purely security reasons.

If you would like to bet a lot of money (more than 1000 euros) then you can consider a person for the fair casino software. Once you are in this program receive the highest bonus available at the online casino. They are usually large rewards to players but also small with a type of points. For example, for every $ 10 you give a point, these points can be redeemed for free for real balance to play.

Many casinos give bond issue, such as Christmas and New Year can expect large bonuses. May also be that some time has not played and the casino wants to see you back here as a player and also make it a good proposal! If your friends also like to play a game online, you can invite them to the casino where you play. This can be done through the "tell a friend" which is installed in almost all casinos. If your friend makes their first deposit at the casino, then you get sometimes! $ 100 extras to play as a thank you!

Casinos often give an extra bonus above the normal bonuses for using a particular method of payment. An example is Ukase, where many casinos give up to 20% EXTRA bonus in gratitude for having used this method of payment. They do this because this way the bets are processed automatically and thus save administration.